Papo MC: the first Argentine rapper to win more than 1 million in poker

At ufaapp the point when we discuss music in poker, that’s what we grasp, being a game that requires a great deal of fixation, it tends to be a device that helps players when they are intellectually depleted (say André Akkari, who never leaves his earphones in table).

papo mc poker
Yet, discussing performers playing poker is a piece more bizarre, correct?

In this way, don’t botch the chance to meet the youthful Alejandro Andrés Lococo, otherwise called Papo MC, perhaps of the most popular rapper in South America and furthermore renowned at poker tables all over the planet.

Who is Papo MC?
His most memorable name is Alejandro, however he calls himself Papo MC. Argentinean, initially from Blemish del Plata, Papo MC was brought into the world on December 5, 1991 and is viewed as perhaps of the best South American rapper, with the qualification of having been boss of the 2016 global rivalry Batalla de los Gallos.

The performer has a momentous fan base and his Instagram profile is trailed by more than 2.6 million individuals. Papo MC started contending in the rap world in 2011, and in 2012 he partook without precedent for the Clash of the Chickens, a significant Red Bull marked occasion.

It was in 2016 that he likewise experienced passionate feelings for the universe of cards, and started to partake in the Argentine poker circuit. Papo MC remarked that he thinks about the game as a subsequent calling, and that when he isn’t playing out his music in front of an audience, he is playing or learning about poker hands and procedures in the game.

Papo MC, the rapper in poker
With a rushed timetable, Papo MC splits his time between the poker tables and the stage, and despite the fact that he can’t completely commit himself to cards, the Argentine has made his presence felt in the competitions he has partaken in.

In 2020, the rapper visited Brazil to contend in the Rio Open Millions South America , an occasion held at the notable Copacabana Castle inn, and astonished numerous expert players with his abilities at the table.

Toward the finish of 2021, he made a trip to Las Vegas to partake in the exemplary of the works of art: the Worldwide championship of Poker, an occasion that united in excess of 6,000 contenders from everywhere the world. The rapper came to the finals of the fantastic contest and came in seventh spot, getting something like $1,225,000.

As of now, Papo MC collects a fortune assessed at more than USD 100,000, procured exclusively in the Argentine circuits. About poker, the performer shares the illustration he learned: “You begin to comprehend that idea that each activity we take has a response and that influences life.”

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